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“All the quotes ... like this are written by Chat GPT now. This one certainly is. When you’re writing and directing and performing in something you can’t waste time thinking of some pointless quote just to show off. No one reads beyond the first words anyway; because they just repetitively say how thrilled and excited everyone is. No one’s reading this now, are they? Only a fool would do that. Come on, there must be a book you could be reading now instead of this nonsense”
- Diane Morgan


Morgan plays Philomena Cunk Mandy, Morgan's ditzy character
Philomena Cunk
Diane Morgan’s work in “Cunk on Earth” is highly acclaimed. In this mockumentary series, she portrays Philomena Cunk, a character known for her humorous and often clueless take on historical events and figures. The series, produced by Charlie Brooker, follows Philomena as she explores the history of human civilization, asking experts seemingly simple but often absurd questions that lead to comedic moments. A masterclass in deadpan.
Diane Morgan’s work in “Mandy” showcases her multifaceted talent as she not only stars in the title role but also serves as the creator, writer, and director of the series. This comedy follows the life of Mandy Carter, a woman with big dreams but little motivation to achieve them. The show is known for its quirky humor and unique take on the struggles of the gig economy.
After Life
Diane Morgan’s performance in “After Life” is notable for her role as Kath, a colleague of the main character Tony at the local newspaper, the Tambury Gazette1. Her character is known for her quirky and straightforward demeanor, which adds a unique touch to the show’s dynamic.
Diane Morgan’s role in the BBC Two sitcom “Motherland” is as Liz, a character who stands out for her blunt and slightly chaotic nature1. Liz is considered the outsider of the group but is also Julia’s closest confidante, bringing a unique perspective to the show’s portrayal of middle-class parenting.

Literary Works

Cunk on Everything: the Encyclopedia Philomena
Once in a blue moon, a book comes along that changes the world. The Origin of Species. War and Peace. 1984. The World According to Danny Dyer. And now, Cunk on Everything: The Encyclopedia Philomena, by Philomena Cunk. Cunk is one of the greatest thinkers of the 21st century, and here she turns her attention to our biggest issue: Why are there so many books? Wouldn't it be better if there were just one? This is that book--an encyclopedia of all human knowledge, from sausages to Henry VIII to Brush Strokes to vegetarian sausages.

Read it, and you'll never have to read another book again.

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